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Each target audience of your content is of equal priority. When you create content, whatever the nature, its communication and dissemination should be as seamless and instantaneous as possible. The time taken to translate such content therefore is of the essence. This is our team’s understanding and it is why we strive to deliver a perfect product always in record time.



Pricing for professional services too often rhymes with uncertainty. We believe this to be unacceptable. It is why OXO deals exclusively in fixed budgets: each of our translation engagements comes with a fixed price tag that established before any work is performed. As such, our billing methods are always tailored to service this purpose. If billing per translated word happens to be unsuitable, OXO will do everything to devise suitable alternative fee arrangements. But for each engagement our guiding principle remains the same: cost predictability.



Perfection. Guaranteed. Clients should never have to proofread. We are in charge of translating, not you. To ensure that the ideas you’ve entrusted are perfectly replicated in a given target language, OXO’s standard translation and localization process is embedded with exacting quality controls at every step of the way.



Because language barriers shouldn’t be. Because all should have the ability to share their content across the linguistic communities of their choosing. This is why OXO maintains a unique team of local language and field experts. This is why OXO maintains an easy-to-use and economical platform to deliver top-tier technical, scalable and culturally conscious translation services. So that you, simply produce your content. And that we, translate it.



British English, Mexican Spanish, Swiss French, and Brazilian Portuguese are all local variants of globally established languages, but to their speakers, the variant they speak is the only one that matters. Delivering perfect translation therefore inevitably entails that translation is to be tailored to account for the linguistic and cultural specificities of precise target audiences. This is why OXO not only retains native speakers, but local native speakers. As such, we go beyond mere translation. We provide a service that is both culturally conscious and adapted for language variants and dialects.



To some, the cost of premium translation and localization services may be too onerous. OXO remains sensitive to such business constraints. It therefore willingly offers proofreading and translation audit services to clients lacking important budgets but looking for a professional second opinion on their content. You may then benefit from our seasoned linguists reviewing content you have had produced by generic subcontractors and ensure that such content meets acceptable standards.



Converting legal content into another language entails more than the mere translation of vocabulary; throughout the translation process, legal substance must remain intact and may under no circumstance be altered. This is why we keep a team of in-house lawyers who constantly make sure that the legal scope of any translated content is preserved. But beyond this further assurance of quality, we also offer, in jurisdictions where we are competent, legal adaptation of documents to translate.



One of the most accessible means to make video content comprehensible in multiple languages is subtitling. From foreign films to online interviews, this simple and effective way to make content available to various linguistic groups is time-tested and still as relevant as it ever was. It therefore only makes sense that we provide such subtitling services to our clients. And to make our clients’ lives even easier, we make sure to always use the industry’s best-recognized computer software to do so. You make the video. Your audience presses play. We add the subtitles.



Expressions used to convey a message or to associate with a brand are among the most meticulously selected that there is. At OXO, we understand that these represent an invaluable asset to our client. Something that we are privileged to be entrusted with. We must therefore ensure that a perfect symmetry between the marketing content in its original language and that in which it is translated be absolutely maintained. This is why any marketing translation assignment we undertake is not only performed by the most cunning of our linguists, but it will also be subject to the scrutiny of business-oriented experts with relevant experience.


Technical, marketing and legal content.

Your multilingual partner. Worldwide.

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Language barriers aren’t fair. Our ability to communicate internationally should never be bound by the mastery of one dominant language such as English. And carefully crafted content shouldn’t be watered down through translation processes. Communicating our ideas, regardless of the language in which we formulate them, is important to all of us. That’s why OXO works only with seasoned linguists who are driven by this very purpose. Through tech-oriented, agile-inspired and expert-led processes, we deliver and guarantee nothing short of perfection for all translation assignments that we undertake for every type of client.

You communicate. We translate.

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Perfection. Guaranteed.

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In-House Team for Your Carefully Crafted Content.

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Culturally Conscious. Locally Adapted. Internationally Relevant.

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Translating the Sentence, the Essence and the Punch.

Our Team

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Charles Lespérance-Poissant


Before founding OXO, Charles practiced tax law at KPMG, where he assisted numerous companies looking to optimize their tax efficiency. As our CEO, Charles is responsible for OXO’s overall strategy and enables our team to deliver top-tier service for our clients. Outside the office, Charles can usually be found on the green working towards earning his self-proclaimed quasi-pro golfer title.

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Serena Cheung

Marketing Coordinator

Serena is an experienced English to Chinese translator with a degree in Linguistics from McGill University. She has worked as a translator and interpreter for several prestigious Chinese finance companies. She is also skilled in the areas of culture and film synopsis. Serena is an active member of Montreal's Chinese community. She enjoys dancing and performing in her spare time.

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Margaret Sankey

Head of English Translation

An experienced technical translator with a scientific background, Margaret is in charge of all quality control pertaining to English translations. In her spare time, she volunteers in public relations for organizations.

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Sophia Dias

Head of French Translation

Sophia is a qualified English to French translator who is responsible for the quality control of projects involving translation into French, Spanish and Italian, as well as managing our accounts. She enjoys putting her knowledge of Romance languages to good use by taking every opportunity to travel during her spare time.

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Danny Léger

Translator and Project Manager

Danny is an excellent English to French translator who is particularly skilled in the area of marketing. He has a passion for language and the arts, and never misses a chance to meet with friends for a discussion over a good meal.


Join a Professional Team of Translators and Live the OXO Experience

What Our Clients are Saying

“The OXO team helps our company translate all kinds of content. Each time, they provide us with excellent translations within deadlines that are often very tight. We thank them for their availability and the excellence of their service. We highly recommend them.”

client 1 Pierre-Paul Melanson Vice-Président GROUPE ONEPOINT

“The OXO Translations team is dynamic, fast, and meticulous. They’re always ready to go all out and deliver quality work despite tight deadlines. It’s a pleasure doing business with OXO Translations!”

client 2 Dârini Vedarattiname Project Manager, C2MTL

“We turn to OXO Translations on a regular basis due to the speed of the turnaround and the quality of their translations.”

client 3 Anne-Claire Oger Coordonnatrice au développement de la marque privée, Les Marques Metro

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